US100 Heating controller, communicative, blinds control

Heating controller, communicative, blinds control

Display 60 x 60 mm, 5x button, temperature sensor, setting of values, status indication and switching, 3x DO (24 V AC radiator, Blinds up, Blinds down), Modbus / RS485 communication


US100 is a communicative room heating controller with one PWM output for control of a radiator or electrical heater, and two digital outputs for sunblind motor control. It can work autonomously, or in connection to a primary controller (MiniPLC or SoftPLC), or to a building management system (RcWare Vision or any SCADA).

  • Systems with radiators, or electric heaters – control and measuring of room temperature, sunblind manual control and central override
  • monitoring and communication of room temperatures

The controller reads actual room temperature, setpoint set by the pusbuttons, and set operation status which is set by short push of the central button. The room temperature is measured in the range of -20 to +50 °C. Measured and set values are processed in a PI algorithm, at the output of which there is a PWM controlled triac. All values are displayed on a large LCD display. 

The output works either as PWM controlled by a PI controller, or on/off (thermostat). The functionality and control parameters, i.e. P and I constants, and hysteresis, can be set with domat.exe, the configuration software, which is free to download at