DS-205F Differential pressure switch 20..200 Pa

Differential pressure switch 20..200 Pa

Contact 1.5(0.4)A, 12..250 V AC, ambient temperature
-20..85°C, silicone membrane, dimensions Ø 98 x 57,8 mm, IP54
Inclusive connecting set: hose 2 m and nipples.


Pressure switch for monitoring above-atmospheric pressure, differential pressure and below-atmospheric pressure of air, gaseous, non-aggressive, non-combustible media in air ducts, ventilation and exhaust devices. For monitoring flow at electric heating registres, V-belts and filters, as protection against lack of air pressure or as limit value controller.

  • HVAC systems – air pressure detection

A diaphragm transmits the differential air pressure to a contact which is available at the terminals. Setpoint element to set the switching is adjustable by a screwdriver.

* DS-205B 50..500 Pa
DS-205D 200..1000 Pa