RTR-B747 Room temperature controller, mechanical (heating / cooling)

Room temperature controller, mechanical (heating / cooling)

Setting range +5...+30 °C, hysteresis 0.5 K
Bimetal, contacts 10 (4) A, 230 V heating, 5 (2) A cooling
Dimensions 79 x 81 x 26 mm. External setting


RTR-B is a series of one-stage mechanical room thermostats for wall mounting.

  • HVAC systems – temperature control, exhaust air control or control of cooling or heating in residential premises, offices etc.
  • Indication of exceeding or dropping of temperature above or below the setpoint

The bimetal measuring element activates the switching contact when temperature exceeds the setpoint. The setpoint is set either inside of the housing or with a knob on the front of the device. 

Thermostats are designed for use in standard environment. They do not require maintenance and can be installed in any position. Make sure that proper air circulation through the apertures is maintained. Fix the device with 2 or 4 screws on a 50 mm flush-mounted box or any flat surface. In the bottom there is an aperture for cable installation. 

The RTR-B124 has a terminal for externally forced temperature drop by –5 K which may be used for night depression. Connect the time scheduler to terminal 5 and apply 230 V AC during the depression time. 

Note that the RTRB7... should not be used for both heating and cooling at the same period because of no dead zone between the heating and cooling mode.