ASTF Wall temperature sensor (semiglobal sensor)

Wall temperature sensor (semiglobal sensor)

-30...75 °C, dimensions  72 x 64 x 53,4, plastic globe
For air temperature and radiating temperature metering
Měřicí prvek Pt1000, IP65


The ASTF temperature sensor is an analogue outdoor air and radiating temperature sensor. 

  • HVAC systems – temperature measuring and control outdoor or indoor (large rooms, stores, halls etc.)
  • monitoring and recording of room temperature in large interiors 

The sensor uses a sensing element, the signal of which is available at the screw terminals. Typical sensor provided is Pt1000 for domat I/O modules, other sensor types see table below. Temperature range is ­30 to +75 °C. 

The sensors are intended for operating in an outdoor or industry environment. They do not need any servicing or maintenance and can be mounted in any position. 

The sensors are mounted with screws on a flat surface.

* Pt100, Ni1000-5000, Ni1000-6180, NTC1.8kOhm