WFS-1EPL Airflow control switch, mechanical

Airflow control switch, mechanical

2.5...9.2 m/s (adjustable), relay 24...250 V / 15(8) A, 108 x 72,5 x 70 mm + vane 80 x 175 mm, suitable for polluted air (oily vapours)


The air flow switch is suitable for flow monitoring of gaseous media in air ducts, supply and extract air chambers and in electric heating registers. It is operating also in polluted air containing solid articles and oil.

  • Monitoring of air flow in air handling units

The air flow actuates the paddle which is connected to a changeover contact. The contact switches as soon as the preset air velocity is reached. It is possible to cut the paddle at marked positions for air velocity higher than 5 m/s.

The device should be installed with the paddle down in a horizontal duct. If the air velocity is higher than 5 m/s, the paddle must be cut in the marked positions. This increases the minimum switch-off value to ca. 2.5 m/s and the minimum switch-on value to ca. 4 m/s. 

Accessories PWFS-08 - spare vane