wCIOcom DDC controller, 32 I/O, RS485/RS232

DDC controller, 88 I/O, RS485

Supply 24 V DC (-25...+30 %), DIN rail mouting, dimensions 71,9 × 121,5 × 100 mm,

2×Ethernet, RS485, 8 DO, 8 DI, 8 AO, 8 AI, web. Programming in Merbon IDE. 12 MB RAM.

Use HT200 panel for local operation.


DDC (Direct digital control) controller wCIOcom is a compact PLC with Merbon RT. The controller contains two Ethernet ports, serial port and a datapoint mix of 8 AI, 8 DI, 8 AO and 8 DO. Besides network and fieldbus interfaces, the controller supports all analog, digital and special I/O modules within the 750/753 series.

  • Free programmable control units for HVAC systems and other applications with web access
  • Data acquisition, processing, and presentation systems with advanced networking features
  • Protocol converters with web data presentation (must be programmed by user)