HT200 Touch screen operator unit

Power 24 V DC, power supply not included

Terminal with touch screen 7“, 800×480, ARM, 256MB RAM, Ethernet, microSD slot (card not delivered), Linux.


HT200 is a terminal with 7” touch screen for monitoring and control of multiple PLC controllers mark with Merbon runtime, or controllers with SoftPLC runtime. It has one Ethernet interface.

  • Control panel for free-programmable control units for HVAC systems or other technologies
  • Terminal for receptions and rough environments – overview and control of remote technologies

Connects to PLCs with SoftPLC or Merbon runtime. For SoftPLC IDE, the menu is made as the HT101 menu in the HMI Editor; for Merbon IDE is used a menu or graphic editor is included, which is part of the Merbon IDE