markMX.2 DDC controller, 88 I/O

DDC controller, 88 I/O

Supply 24 V DC/AC, dimensions 237 x 292 x 40 mm, 16 AI, 8 AO, 32 DI, 32 DO. Programming in Merbon IDE. 2x RS232, 2x RS485, Ethernet, web server.


DDC (Direct digital control) controller markMX.2 is a free programmable process station with ARM i.MX6 processor and Linux operating system. It is suitable for control of large installations (approximately 400 – 500 physical data points). MarkMX.2 contains one Ethernet port, 2x RS485 interface, and 2x RS232 interface for expanding I/O modules. On the board there is a I/O mix of 16 AI, 32 DI, 8 AO, and 32 DO.

  • Free programmable control units for HVAC systems and other applications with local HMI and web access 
  • Data acquisition, processing, and presentation systems with advanced networking features
  • Controls of power systems, photovoltaic power plants etc. 
  • Protocol converters with web data presentation (must be programmed by user)
  • Free programable in function blocks and structure text - merbon IDE