SHD-U1 Pressure sensor for liquid and fluid media

Pressure sensor for liquid and fluid media

Power supply 24 V AC/DC, output 0..10V, ext. thread G1/2", stainless steel, overload 2x measuring range, temp. range -40..100°C, IP65
(SHD-I.. available only for DC power)


The SHD-U pressure sensor is suitable for liquid and gas media. A stainless diaphragm provides vacuum seal between the media and the sensor.

  • HVAC systems and industry – gas and liquid pressure measuring and logging

A piezoresistive element converts distance changes caused by pressure to voltage (0...10V) which is available at the output terminals. Temperature range is  ­40  to +135 °C. 

The sensors are intended for operating in any environment. They do not need any servicing nor maintenance. Mounting should follow preferably at the side of the pipe at liquids and on the top of the pipe with gases. Avoid mounting at the pipe bottom so that no condensate reaches the sensor.

* SHD-U2.5, SHD-U6, SHD-U10,SHD-U16,SHD-U25,SHD-U40 (number = max. measuring range in bar)
* output 4..20 mA SHD-I..