RCO2 Room CO2 sensor

Room CO2 sensor

Power supply 24 V AC/DC, output 0..10 V ~ 0..2000 ppm, optical sensor NDIR, IP30


The RCO2 is a microprocessor-controlled sensor with auto calibration. It measures the CO2 concentration in the room air in the range of 0...2000 ppm, 0...5000 ppm or 0...10000 ppm. The output signal is proportional, 0...10 V DC.

  • Indication of room air pollution
  • Demand-based ventilation in rooms with variable occupation. For rooms with no other sources of pollution (such as tobacco smoke). 

To measure the CO2 concentration, a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor is used. The automatic calibration follows approximately each 7 days. For its correct execution, it is necessary that the sensor is exposed to fresh air (300...400 ppm CO2) at least 10 minutes each 7 days. The sensor registers the minimum measured value and after 7 days assigns to this value the CO2 concentration of 350 ppm. This also affects the output signal. Maximum correction is limited to 40 ppm per a 7-day interval. 

Manual calibration: It is executed by pressing a button inside of the sensor for at least 5 s. Before the button is pressed, it is necessary to expose the sensor to fresh air for at least 10 minutes. The LED starts flashing. At the calibration time, toe output signal is set to 1.75 V, which corresponds to 350 ppm CO2. At this stage the LED lits continuously. After successfull calibration, the LED goes off.