KW-W Dew point sensor (condensing)

Dew point sensor (condensing)

Switches at 95 %rH (adjustable),  incl. 300 mm strap-on metal band
Dimensions 64 x 72 x 39.4 mm, IP65
Power supply 24 V AC / DC, C/O contact 24 V


The KW-W is dew point (condensing) sensor for use in air ducts, heating and air-condition.

  • HVAC systems – cooling panels, cold-water piping, metal construction, which must be protected against condensate 

The KW-W reliably detects formation of condensation by means of its humidity and temperature sensor (no conductivity measurement). Thanks to its measuring method yields an exact measurement result and helps preventing formation of condensate. Dew point temperature is a temperature at which air reaches the state of saturation and water starts to precipitate. The output of the sensor switches extra heating to protect the construction from damage or limits cold water supply temperature to prevent condensation. 

The sensors are intended for operating in normal, chemically non-aggressive environment. They do not need any servicing or maintenance and can be mounted in any position. It is strongly recommended mounting sensors horizontally, with body facing upwards.