KFTF-20U Duct humidity and temperature sensor, high-precision

Duct humidity and temperature sensor, high-precision

20..90% rH: ±2% at 20 °C, 10..90% rH: ±3%
capacitive element 0..50 °C, stem Ø 14 x 230 mm, IP65
Output 2 x 0..10V, power supply 24 V AC/DC


The KFF-20… and KFTF-20… are an air duct temperature and relative humidity sensors for universal use in the HVAC sector.

  • HVAC systems – air duct temperature and humidity measuring 

The sensor measures temperature and relative humidity of air and other non-aggressive gases. It is used in refrigeration, air conditioning and clean room technology as well as in residential and public buildings. The temperature and humidity sensor signals are converted into active signals 0..10 V or 4…20 mA. 

Relative humidity is measured by a capacitive sensor. The sensor is protected by a exchangeable diaphragma filter. 

The sensors are intended for operating in a normal and chemically non-aggressive environment. They do not need any servicing or maintenance. 

The sensors are fixed to the duct by means of an included flange. 

* outputs 4..20 mA KFTF-20I
* display