DIP200 Communicative presence and light sensor

A communicative (Modbus RTU / RS485) IR presence and light sensor STELIX DIP200 detects presence and light intensity. Applicable for control of lighting, heating and demand-controlled ventilation.
Applicable in HVAC control and lighting systems - facility automation, in corridors, at workplaces, in industrial halls and in offices and business rooms.


STELIX DIP200 is equipped with an infrared motion sensor and a light sensor. Measured values are read via bus over communication protocol Modbus RTU from the respective registers (see Modbus table DIP200).
The sensor versions DIP200-F with protection lens are intended for operating in a normal and chemically non-aggressive environment. They do not need any servicing or maintenance and can be mounted in any position. The sensor versions type DIP200-W with lens are resistant against air humidity and water spray from the lens side.
The sensors are mounted with different types of supplement which must be specified when ordering.
The cover lenses are specific for different montage heights and detection angles. Type must be specified in order.

Plastic lenses

Data sheet of plastic lenses which have to be ordered separately according to the required shape and size of the area of the presence detection.

Installation fixtures

Data sheet of installation fixtures which have to be ordered separately according to the type and shape of mounting aperture.

Modbus table

Table with Modbus registers of the sensor