ME220 Triac power amplifier, 2 triacs

Triac power amplifier, 2 triacs

To connect more thermic actuators to UC..., FC... controllers and UI.... room units. Contains 2 triacs 24 V / 2 A, each triac is controlled separately. Flush box installation (under the room unit), dimensions 49 x 49 x 14 mm.


ME220 is a two-triac module, controlled by two independent 24 V AC signals. It amplifies the 24 V AC PWM output signal from an IRC controller or room unit (UI..., UX..., UC..., FC..., US...), which are able to control maximum 2 actuators per output only.

  • Control of more radiators, fan coils, or any other heating or cooling circuits by a single controller. 

In a plastic casing suitable for monting into a flush box there is a board with terminals, two triacs and other components. When an input is energized the corresponding triac opens and gives 24 V AC control voltage for the actuators at the output terminals. 

If more radiators or cooling panels are situated in a single space and controlled together, some of them may be hot while others stay cold. This is due to the characteristics of the actuator and valve set together with the hydraulic parameters of the installation, and it does not indicate wrong function of the controller or of the triac amplifier. 

The V1 output can host up to 4 actuators (e.g. heating), the V2 another 4 actuators e.g. cooling. It is also possible to connect IN1 and IN2 in parallel and ME220 can control up to 8 actuators with one signal.