ME200 Power relay module

Power relay module

For connecting of the UX... room unit to the blinds controller. 2x relay 250 V / 8 A. Mounts in a flush box. Dimensions: 49 x 49 x 30 mm.


ME200 is a module containing two relays controlled by separate 24 V AC signals. It is used to separate the control signal from the triac outputs of the UX... room units and US... controllers. The relays switch low-voltage actuators of sunblinds. The module may also be used as a 2x 24 V AC relay unit for general use mounted in a flush box.

  • Control of sunblind power control units with US... controllers and UX... room units
  • Control of a low-voltage boiler or A/C unit input by UC... controllers configured as on/off

In a plastic casing suitable for monting into a flush box there is a board with terminals, two relays and other components. When an input is energized by 24 V AC the corresponding relay answers. 

When used with UC... or US... for heating or cooling control, please set the controller to the on/off mode (not the PI mode with PWM output signal).