R060 Modbus TCP/RTU – MP-Bus converter

Převodník Modbus TCP/RTU – MP-Bus

R060 is a Modbus RTU / RS485 and Modbus TCP to Belimo MP-Bus converter for control of up to 8 communicative Belimo actuators.


R060 is a Modbus RTU / RS485 and Modbus TCP to Belimo MP-Bus converter for control of up to 8 communicative Belimo actuators.  
control and diagnostics of up to 8 Belimo damper / valve actuators communicating over MP-Bus, from a PLC which uses Modbus RTU protocol over RS485 or Modbus TCP over Ethernet. The actuators are connected on a bus and it is not necessary to connect them to analogue outputs, which saves cabling and control system costs.  
The R060 acts as a Modbus slave (server), which accepts commands issued by a Modbus master (client), which is a PLC or another supervisory system. The commands are translated into MP-Bus telegrams and sent to the MP-Bus. The responses from the actuators are then available in the Modbus registers.
The converter works in Simple mode or Complex mode, which can be set over the R060 web page. The modes have different functionalities. the Simple mode is compatible with the Belimo UK24MOD interface, while in the Complex mode also the configuration and diagnostic commands can be send on the MP-Bus, like reading of serial numbers, actuator types, etc. (see Modbus table). For normal control of actuators and valves, the Simple mode is more convenient and easier to use. The converter always works in one of both modes only. 
The Modbus table is divided into three parts:
- System part at addresses 1 to 22, to setup the converter and perform internal diagnostics
- Complex mode registers at addresses 101 to 892 
- Simple mode registers at addresses 1001 to 1160.
Converter functions and parameters are configured over the web interface (protocol HTTP). Setting the USR switch to ON  and restart disables the web interface and FTP server for higher security. The power voltage presence is indicated by a green LED (PWR), processor activity signals the red LED (RUN). The Ethernet connector host two more LEDs: link and network activity. The Ethernet interface switches between 10 and 100 Mbit/s automatically.
The R060 may work as both Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP server simultaneously. The commands from both interfaces are sent to the MP-Bus on a first come - first served basis. If a unicast message does not receive a response from the actuator on MP-Bus, it is repeated max. 2×. For periodic readouts there are defined three priority levels, write commands having the highest priority. 
The converter is mounted on a standard DIN rail. The width is 68 mm (4 DIN modules).