KTR-060R85 Duct temperature controller two-step

Duct temperature controller two-step

Temperature range 0...+60 °C and +65..+85 °C, hyst. 3 and 15…20 K
change-over contacts 16 (1.5) A, 24...250 V AC, IP54
Dimensions 72.5 x 70 x 108 mm, stem Ø 14 x 205 mm


The KTR are mechanical binary temperature controllers for limitation, monitoring and control of air and non-aggressive gases.

  • HVAC systems – air temperature limitation for electrical heaters etc.

The controllers switch if temperature reaches the preadjusted limit.

TR, STW: contacts 2-3 open when temperature increases above the setpoint. 

STB: contacts 2-1 open when temperature increases above the setpoint. Manual reset possible after cooling down to appr. 15...20 K below the setpoint. 

The controllers are intended for operating in any environment. They do not need any servicing or maintenance and can be mounted in any position. The mounting flange is included.

upper step: STB function, restart after cooling down and manual reset