ETR-0120 Built-in temperature controller 0...+120 °C

Built-in temperature controller 0...+120 °C

External setting temperature range 0...+120 °C, hyst. 5 K
change-over contact 16 (1.5) A, 24...250 V AC, IP54
Dimensions 72.5 x 70 x 108 mm, brass pocket 1/2" 130 mm


The ETR... is a series of mechanical pocket thermostats for water, hot water, and gases.  

  • HVAC systems – heat generation, heat exchange stations, DHW preparation, safety elements at heating circuits etc.

The measuring element actuates changeover contacts. TR, STW: Contacts 2 – 3 open if the temperature is higher than the setpoint. STB: Contacts 2 – 1 open if the temperature is higher than the setpoint. 

The devices do not need any servicing or maintenance and can be mounted in any position except those when condensate may cumulate at operating elements or cable glands. 

The temperature sensing elements, torsion element with liquid filling, are mounted into pockets which are part of delivery.

* stainless steel pocket