IMIO105.2 DDC controller, 16 I/O, RS485

DDC controller

Supply 24 V DC / 24 V AC, dimensions 98 × 67 × 104 mm

16 I/O, 2x Ethernet, web, RS485, 4 AI, 2 AO, 4 DI, 6 DO. ARM i.MX6UL, Programming in Merbon IDE. 8MB RAM.


DDC (Direct digital control) controller IMIO105.2 is free programmable process station with ARM i.MX6UL 528 MHz procesor and OS Linux. It contains 2x Ethernet ports, RS485, 4 AI, 2 AO, 4 DI, 6 DO. IMIO105.2 is suitable for control of larger installations (approximately 400...500 physical data points).

  • Free programmable control units for HVAC systems and other applications with web access
  • Data acquisition, processing, and presentation systems with advanced networking features
  • Protocol converters with web data presentation (must be programmed by user)