MXPLC Combined I/O module, 88 I/O with MiniPLC board

Combined I/O module, 88 I/O with MiniPLC board

Supply 10..35 V DC / 24 V AC,dimensions 265 x 292 x 40 mm,

I/O mix same as MXIO. Integrated MiniPLC control board., 2x RS232, 2x RS485 galv. separated, Ethernet, web server


The MXPLC is a programmable process station with integrated I/O module with the I/O mix optimized for larger HVAC control applications. The multi-interface process station may be extended with other I/O modules to accommodate plants with more I/Os. 

  • HVAC control systems, data acquisition, interfacing 3rd party systems 

The I/O part (16 AI, 8 AO, 32 DI, 32 DO) communicates with the PLC over a RS485 data bus. The internal module communicates as a MXIO at COM port 3, address 2. There may be more modules at the same bus, connected over the COM3 port. On the base board there is also a PLC module which contains the PLC processor and memory including the SoftPLC application. The base board hosts all physical interfaces (COM ports and Ethernet). 

The communication circuits are galvanically separated and protected against overvoltage. LEDs indicate states of the binary I/Os, red LED flashes for bus communication (TX), system module cycle (RUN), and green LED (ON) indicates supply voltage. 

The PLC can be mounted on the base plate of the switchboard, or on another flat and smooth surface by two screws. 

See domat - Technical application notes for connection and function examples.

MXIO see in the I/O modules and convertors section