IPLC510 DDC controller MiniPLC Shark - 4 ports, display

DDC controller MiniPLC Shark - 4 ports, display

Supply 24 V AC / DC, DIN rail mounting, dimensions 105 × 98 × 61 mm

Powerful process station with ARM i.MX6 processor and OS Linux, Ethernet, 2x RS485, 2x RS232, display, buttons, web, programming in SoftPLC IDE.


The IPLC range is a family of digital process stations – communicative DDC controllers with ARM i.MX6 processor and OS Linux. All types contain one RS485 interface for connecting of I/O modules and one Ethernet port for communication with a management station for remote management, extended types provide two more RS232 ports and one RS485 port. 

  • Free programmable control units for HVAC systems and other applications with local HMI
  • Optional customized firmware – protocol converters with data presentation
  • Data acquisition, processing, and presentation systems with advanced networking features

The controller contains an embedded operating system which boots up the runtime with the application. On the board there is a real time clock with battery backup, alarm buzzer, flash memory containing OS, runtime, application, and other data (time programs, setpoints etc.), and a watchdog. The RS485 communication is indicated by two LEDs at the bus end switch. 

The application is downloaded over a SCP connection to the file system of the controller. A recommended client is WinSCP. 

IPLC500 and IPLC510 provide a HMI: backlit 16 x 3 characters display and 6 pushbuttons. The user menu structure is configured in the LCD Menu Editor and contains actual values, setpoints, alarms, time schedules etc. in a tree structure. The branches are either freely accessible or protected by a PIN. 

The module is 105 mm wide and mounts on a standard DIN rail. 

Application examples: see domat – Design and application guide.

Linux / Mono
Use FRAME to install the controller into a front panel