RPTF1 Pendulum room temperature sensor

Pendulum room temperature sensor

-30...75 °C, dimensions Ø 15 x 100 mm + cable 1,5 m
Stainless steel tube, IP65
Measuring element Pt1000


The RPTF2 sensor is an analogue room temperature sensor with passive output. It is used for temperature measuring in larger rooms, production halls, etc. Due to the measuring method applied with the pendulum room sensor in combination with its

positioning within the room, excellent and room-representative measuring results are achieved. RPTF2 the pendulum room sensor (globe thermometer) determines the effective active portion of radiation or the radiant heat at the measured location.

  • HVAC systems – temperature measuring and control in rooms, stores, halls etc.
  • monitoring and recording of room temperature in large interiors

The sensor uses a sensing element, the signal of which is available at the screw terminals. The default sensor type is Pt1000, other sensor types see table below. 

The units are intended for operating in a normal and chemically non-aggressive environment. They do not need any servicing or maintenance and shall be mounted so as the cable gland faces the floor, and the measuring tube/ball is hanging in the room.

* Pt100, Ni1000-5000, Ni1000-6180, NTC1.8kOhm
* cable length 3 m, 6 m or customized