KLQ-CO2 Duct air quality and CO2 sensor

Duct air quality and CO2 sensor

Power supply 24 V AC/DC, outputs 2x 0..10 V ~ 0..2000 ppm (CO2, optical sensor NDIR), 100..0% AQ referred to calibration gas (quality, VOC sensor), IP65


The sensor measures concentration of mixed gas (VOC) and CO2 in the duct air. The CO2 content is measured by a NDIR sensor in three ranges. Output signal is analogue signal 2x 0...10 V DC.

  • Indication of air pollution in HVAC units for residential and conference rooms.
  • For demand controlled ventilation in rooms with variable load (cinemas, meeting rooms etc.).

The CO2 contents in the air is measured by a NDIR sensor. The sensor is auto-calibrated every 7 days. To ensure correct execution of the calibration process, the sensor must be exposed to fresh air (300...400 ppm CO2) at least once a week.

The CO2 sensor sensitivity is set by DIP switches in 3 ranges: 0...2000, 0...5000, and 0...10 000 ppm.

The VOC sensor has 3 sensitivity ranges (LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH – use LOW sensitivity for rooms with high load). 

The sensor must not be used as safety or protective device!

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