KCO2 Duct CO2 sensor

Duct CO2 sensor

Power supply 24 V AC/DC, output 0..10 V ~ 0..2000 ppm, optical sensor NDIR, IP65


The KCO2 sensor measures concentration of CO2 in the duct air in the range of 0...2000 ppm, 0…5000 ppm or 10000 ppm.. Output is an analogue signal 0...10 V DC or potential-free changeover contact 24 V.

  • Indication of air pollution in HVAC units.
  • For demand controlled ventilation in rooms with variable load (cinemas, meeting rooms etc.).

The CO2 contents in the air is measured by a NDIR sensor. The sensor is auto-calibrated every 7 days. To ensure correct execution of the calibration process, the sensor must be exposed to fresh air (300...400 ppm CO2) at least once a week. 

The sensor must not be used as safety or protective device!

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