RTM-CO2 Room temperature and CO2 sensor

Room temperature and CO2 sensor

Power supply 24 V AC/DC, outputs 2x 0..10 V ~ 0..2000 ppm (CO2, optical sensor NDIR), 0..50 °C (temperature), IP30


The RTM-CO2 is a room temperature and CO2 sensor for universal use in the HVAC sector. Output signal is analogue signal 2x 0...10 V DC.

  • HVAC systems – room temperature and CO2 measuring

The CO2 content in the air is determined by a two-ray NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infrared technology) in the range of 0...2000 ppm. 

The temperature sensor has a range of 0…50 °C (pro RTM-CO2, RTM-CO2-A) and 5…40 °C (pro RTM-CO2-2S). 

The sensors are intended for operating in a normal and chemically non-aggressive environment. It is absolutely necessary to choose the device mounting position so that the air stream “presses” into the sensor’s enclosure. Otherwise, the reaction of the device to changes in CO2 concentration may appear with a delay. 

The sensors are mounted with 4 screws on wall or on a flush-mounted junction box with 55 mm in diameter. 

This unit must not be used as safety-relevant device!

* RTM-CO2-A: 5 indicating LEDs