AHKF-U Outdoor light intensity sensor

Outdoor light intensity sensor

Power supply 24 V AC/DC, measuring range 0..500 lx / 20 klx / 60 klx (switchable), output 0..10V, wall-mounted, IP65, dimensions 72 x 64 x 39,4 mm


Outdoor light intensity sensor with selectable measuring range measures the intensity of outdoor sunlight or illumination.  The output is an analogue signal of 0...10 V or 4..20 mA.

  • Advertising illumination control, public areas lighting interlock, control of sunblinds etc.
  • monitoring and recording of light intensity at greenhouses, workplaces, schools, corridors, parking lots etc. 

The sensor contains a photodiode which measures the light intensity. The signal is amplified, calibrated and brought to the output terminals. The measuring range is selected by four DIP switches situated inside the device. 

The sensor is fixed by 2 or 4 screws to any flat surface. At the bottom, there is an aperture for the supply and signal cable.

* AHKF-I, 4..20 mA