UC010 Room unit, communicative

Room unit, communicative

Display 60 x 60 mm, push / turn knob, temperature sensor, setting of operation mode, fancoil stages and setpoints, status indication and switching, Modbus / RS485 communication


The UC010 room unit is a communicative human-machine interface for fancoil controller FC010.

  • Fan coil systems – measurement and control of room temperature

The unit reads room temperature, temperature correction / setpoint  by a knob, and required operation mode which is set by a short push or in the menu. Data is transmitted to the fancoil controller. The fan coil controller may send to the unit other data (heating / cooling mode, fan stage, day / night / standby mode etc.) which are displayed on the LCD display. 

Room unit with firmware for communication with FC010 / FC020 fan coil controller
UC010/DK: no display, no knob (for schools, corridors etc.)