UC300 Floor heating controller, communicative

Floor heating controller, communicative

Display 60 x 60 mm, push / turn knob, temperature sensor, 1x AI for ext. Pt1000 floor sensor, setting of values, real time clock, status indication and switching, 1x DO (24 V AC thermic actuator), Modbus / RS485 galv. separated


UC300 is a communicative floor heating controller with one PWM output for control of a radiator or electrical heater. It can work autonomously, or in connection to a primary controller (MiniPLC or SoftPLC), building management system (RcWare Vision or any SCADA), or to UCWEB – the web interface.

  • Systems with water or electrical floor heating – control and measuring of room temperature
  • monitoring and communication of room temperatures

The controller reads actual room temperature, floor temperature with an external Pt1000 sensor, setpoint shift by a knob, and set operation status which is set by short push of the knob. The room temperature is measured in the range of -20 to +50 °C. Measured and set values are processed in a PI algorithm, at the output of which there is a PWM controlled triac. All values are displayed on a large LCD display.