UC013 Room unit, communicative

Room unit for controller FC013

Display 60 x 60 mm, push / turn knob, temperature sensor, setting of operation mode, fancoil stages and setpoints, status indication and switching, Modbus / RS485 galv. separated


The UC013 room unit is a communicative human-machine interface for EC motors or VAV unit controller FC013.
  • EC motors or VAV systems – measurement and control of room temperature 
The unit reads room temperature, temperature correction / setpoint by a knob, and required operation mode which is set by a short push. Data is transmitted to the room controller. The main controller, FC013, may send to the unit other data (heating / cooling mode, fan stage, day / night / standby mode etc.) which are displayed on the LCD display. 
Connect the room unit to FC013 over a 4 core cable, the most suitable types are JY(St)Y or LAM 2x2x0.8. Use the same type which powers the FC013 controller as if the room unit power is taken from the FC013 terminals, the cores in a terminal should be of the same cross-section.
If there is communication failure between UC013 and FC013, there is an alarm bell icon at the UC013 display. Check signal polarity (terminals 3, 4), bus termination, and correct wiring at the FC013 side (see FC013 data sheet).