KH-10 Duct hygrostat, mechanical

Duct hygrostat, mechanical

Setpoint 35..100 %rH, change-over contact 24..250 V AC, 15 (8) A. Dimensions 108 x 72,5 x 70 mm, stem Ø 19 x 220 mm, IP65


Mechanical air duct hygrostats for monitoring, control and limitation of relative humidity in HVAC units – air ducts, air handling units, greenhouses etc.

  • HVAC control systems – humidity limitation, humidity control etc.

Change of relative humidity above the preset value actuates a potential-free contact  which is brought to the output terminals. The setpoint value is set by a knob outside of the housing. The „-U“ types provide internal setpoint knob. The device is purely mechanical and needs no external power supply.

* internal setting: KH10-U
Accessories (to be ordered separately): flange MF-16-K, wall installation clamp WH-20