KH-30 Duct hygrostat, electronic

Duct hygrostat, electronic

Power supply 24 V AC/DC, change-over contact 10 (6) A, output 0..10V. Dimensions 108 x 72,5 x 70 mm,
stem Ø 20 x 185 mm, IP65, internal setting.



Electronic air duct hygrostats for monitoring, control and limitation of relative humidity in HVAC units – air ducts, air handling units, greenhouses etc. 


  • HVAC control systems – humidity limitation, humidity control etc. 


The sensor measures relative humidity. Measured value is transform to electrical signal 0…10 V. It is also possible to set up two switchpoints for two changeover contacts. Switchpoints are set by turning knobs inside device. Please read carefully internal settings information! 


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Accessories (to be ordered separately): flange MF-16-K, wall installation clamp WH-20