RPFF-U Pendulum room humidity sensor

Pendulum room humidity sensor

capacitive element, 20..90% rH: ±3% at 20°C, otherwise ±5%, output 0..10V, power supply 24 V AC/DC
dimensions 72 x 64 x 39,4 mm, cable 2 m



The RPFF humidity sensor is active analogue room sensor. It is used for humidity measuring in rooms, production halls, etc.

  • HVAC systems – humidity measuring and control in clean room tech-nology, refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation etc.
  • monitoring and recording of room humidity in hotels, technical rooms, meeting rooms and convention centres

The sensor measures relative humidity of air, the signal of which is electronically processed and available at the screw terminals (0…10 V or 4…20 mA). The sensor is protected by exchangeable plastic sinter. Do not exceed maximum environment temperature!
The unit is intended for operating in a normal, chemically non-aggressive, dust-free environment. It does not need any servicing or maintenance and shall be mounted so as the cable gland faces the floor, and the measuring tube is hanging in the room or in the duct.
The sensor is mounted by 2 or 4 screws at any flat surface.


* output 4..20 mA RPFF-I
* display