R012 RS232 / RS485 converter

RS232 / RS485 converter

1200..115200 bit/s, bus termination switch, optical separation, Rx, Tx, Power LEDs
Supply 10..35 V DC / 14..24 V AC. DIN rail mounting, dimensions 98,7 x 64 x 36,2 mm


R012 is a RS232 to RS485 multi-speed half-duplex physical level converter with galvanic separation at both ends and power part. The device is equipped with a microcontroller which controls the data flow switching. This converter is a successor of the previous types M010, M011 and M012. 
  • domat I/O modules link to PC
  • any RS232 to RS485 conversion where galvanic separation is required 
The RS485 bus supports half-duplex communication. For automatic flow control, a microcontroller is used which is controlled by the CTS or DSR signals (DSR as default). The communication speed of both channels must be equal and is to be set by DIP switches under the front panel of the converter. There are LEDs at the front panel to indicate power presence and RS485 data flow.
For the RS485 connection is used 2-pole connector. The line is protected against overvoltage. In case the converter is used as the last in line, a terminating resistor may be employed by connecting DIP switch accessible behind the K connector.
For the RS232 connection, a CANON 9M (pins) connector is used. For PC connection, use nullmodem (cross) cable with CANON 9F (holes) at both ends. System domat only uses RxD, TxD, and GND signals for communication.