PWR011 Transformer 230 / 24 V, 2x triac

Transformer 230 / 24 V, 2x triac

Safety transformer 10 VA, installation to a flat surface with 2 screws. On-board are 2x 230V / 0,5 A triacs controlled by external 24 V AC signal for separation and pull-up of 2 PWM signals.


PWR011 consists of a power transformer and two solid state relays. It is used to power a fancoil controller FC010 or radiator controller (or radiator and cooling panel controller) UC100 (UC200). The controller outputs 24 V AC PWM for heating and cooling are connected to the solid state relays which control 230 V AC thermic actuators. 

  • Individual room controls for rooms with more fancoils or radiators / cooling panels, controlled in a group 
  • Individual room controls with thermic valves powered by 230 V AC

The transformer provides 24 V AC to power a fancoil controller so that it is not necessary to install extra 24 V AC wiring. It is used for applications where a small number of I/O modules has to be installed at a remote place or to power a single fancoil controller. The solid state relays separate and amplify the controller output PWM or binary signals to 230 V AC signals, so it is possible to use more thermic actuators at one output than may be connected directly to the output of the controller. The actuators must operate at 230 V AC. 

The devices are designed for operation in normal, non-aggressive environment. They do not need maintenance and may be installed in any position. They are fixed with 2 screws on any flat surface, installation plate, or directly the fancoil body. It is possible to select a DIN rail fixture as an option.