IMIO110 DDC controller, 16 I/O, RS485, display

DDC controller

Supply 10..35 V DC / 24 V AC, dimensions 98 × 67 × 102 mm

16 I/O, LCD, 6 buttons, Ethernet, 8MB RAM, web, RS485, 4 AI, 2 AO, 4 DI, 6 DO. Programming in Merbon IDE


DDC (Direct digital control) controller IMIO110 is free programmable process station with ARM Cortex M4 processor and OS FreeRTOS. It contains LCD display, 6 buttons, Ethernet port, 4 AI, 4 DI, 2 AO and 6 DO, RS485 interface and 8 MB external RAM. IMIO110 is suitable for control of larger installation (approximately 150 physical data points).

  • Free programmable control units for HVAC systems and other applications with web access
  • Data acquisition, processing, and presentation systems with advanced networking features
  • Protocol converters with web data presentation (must be programmed by user)

The process station contains a web server for remote connection and user intervention. The web pages are created in Merbon HMI editor, which is included in the package of development programs.  The exported web definition is uploaded to the process station through Merbon IDE (see Web definition in PLC properties).


The module is 105 mm wide and mounts on a standard DIN rail.