ESTF Screw-in temperature sensor

Screw-in temperature sensor

-35...105 °C,  dimensions Ø 8 x 50 mm
stainless steel 1/2", 40 bar, IP65, cable 1.5 m
Measuring element Pt1000


ESTF are a low-cost duct temperature sensors for universal use.

  • HVAC systems – air and liquid temperature measuring

The sensor uses a sensing element, the signal of which is available at the screw terminals. Default sensor type provided is Pt1000, other sensor types see table below. Temperature range is

­35 to +105 °C for PVC cable

­50 to +180 °C for SiHF silicone cable

The sensors are intended for operating in an outdoor or industry environment. They do not need any servicing or maintenance. 

Cable ends are protected by aluminium endings for installation into terminals. Standard cable length is 1,5 m, other lengths available on request.

* Pt100, Ni1000-5000, Ni1000-6180, NTC1.8kOhm
* silicone cable: -50...+180°C