KTF1 Duct temperature sensor

Duct temperature sensor

-30...150 °C, dimensions 72 x 64 x 39,4 mm + stem
Stainless protective tube Ø 6 x 150 mm, IP65
Measuring element Pt1000


The KTF1 temperature sensor is an analogue duct temperature sensor for universal use.

  • HVAC systems – air temperature measuring and logging

The sensor uses a sensing element, the signal of which is available at the screw terminals. Default sensor element is Pt1000, other sensor types see table below. Temperature range is ­30 to +150 °C.

The sensors are intended for operating in any environment. They do not need any servicing or maintenance. The mounting flange is included.

* Pt100, Ni1000-5000, Ni1000-6180, NTC1.8kOhm
* pockets 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 mm