UCWEB Web interface for room controllers

Web interface for room controllers

2 x DI (enable / alarm),  2 x DO relay 24...230 V, 5 A (heat/cool demand / remote), Ethernet, Modbus / RS485 for up to 20 UC100/200/300, autoconfiguration, web access to controller settings and values


UCWEB is a communicator for remote control and monitoring of integrated room controllers UC....

  • remote monitoring and control of individual rooms
  • setting of setpoints, time schedulers and operation modes
  • energy demand signals for heating and cooling sources based on demands of individual rooms
  • alarm messaging per e-mail
  • optional signalisation of one or two binary signals and control of one or two relays over the Internet.

UCWEB is an Ethernet communicator providing one RS485 serial port to connect bus with the UC... controllers, and one Ethernet interface for web access to the data from the controllers. The controllers are accessed over generic web pages with three access levels (read only, change values, service and setup), actual values, setpoints, and time schedulers. Passwords for all levels are definable. 

No tools are necessary for installation of new controllers, the devices are self-addressable over the web interface. They are added one after another to the bus and UCWEB re-addresses them to avoid address conflicts.