UI319 Communicative room unit, RS485, temperature, rH, CO2, PIR, 1 AI

Communicative room unit, RS485, temperature, rH, PIR, 1 AI

Display 60 x 60 mm, push / turn knob, temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor, PIR sensor, 1x analogue input for Pt1000 sensor, setting of values, status indication and switching, Modbus / RS485 communication galv. separated


UI319 is communicative room unit with analogue input for PT1000 sensor, with temperature and humidity sensor, CO2 sensor and PIR motion sensor. With control knob for setpoint control and other settings. The binary output is controlled either on a remote basis, or as thermostat, hygrostat.  The units communicate over Modbus RTU / RS485 and they can be used as open system components with majority of building control system and controllers.


  • Air handling units and air condition in rooms with variable load – schools, cinemas, lecture halls etc.
  • Systems with water or electrical floor heating – control and measuring of room temperature
  • Monitoring and recording of temperature indoors

The units acquire temperature and optionally relative humidity in room, temperature correction (knob) and required operation status which is set by push of the button or in menu. In the configurable menu following values can be set and displayed:

• temperature, actual temperature correction
• humidity (actual value only at room units containing the humidity sensor)
• time (only display at room units with RTC)
• basic setpoint - day
• basic setpoint - night
• outside temperature for heating enable
• DHW temperature
• heating curve type (1...4)
• operation mode (Residential with Day, Night, Time schedule, Off, or Hotel / Office with Comfort, Standby, Party, Off)
• fan stage (Auto, Off, St.1, St. 2, St. 3)
• A/C mode (Auto, Heating, Cooling, Off, Fan only)
• weekly scheduler: 7 days, up to 6 events per day
• another 5 variables (air quality, fan speed etc.) – each has a profile where max. and min. values, step, number of decimals, and symbol set are defined.

It is also possible to set / reset any of the LCD symbols on the display over Modbus.

The turn / push knob has three basic functions:

• instant edit (turning the knob) – settings of one predefined analogue value, usually room temperature correction
• quick edit (short push) – change of predefined state, e.g. Presence (Comfort / Standby / Off), Air condition (Auto / Heating / Cooling / Fan only / Off) etc.
• long push – jump to menu where values are listed by turning the knob, short push selects the value to be edited, and the value is changed by turning the knob followed by short push for confirmation.

After definable inactivity time, the display goes back to its basic state with rolling display of selected values (e.g. actual temperature and humidity).


* display with backlight - UI319BL, 
* no knob / display - UI319DK.