UI642 Room unit, Ethernet, PoE, temperature, rH, 1DO

Room unit, Ethernet, PoE, temperature, rH, 1DO

Display 60 x 60 mm, push / turn knob, temperature / humidity sensor, setting of values, status indication and switching, Modbus / TCP, 1xDO SSR 24 V AC/DC. Powered over Ethernet.


The UI... room unit range is a family of universal communicative human-machine interface for control of HVAC units and plants, and IRC controllers. The units communicate over Modbus TCP / Ethernet and they can be used as open system components with majority of building control system and controllers. They are powered over Ethernet (PoE).

  • ripening and cooling boxes, datacenters, controlled climate storage rooms, alarm messaging systems etc. 
  • systems with fancoils, convectors, floor and radiator heating, AHUs, air conditioning units. 
  • control of boilers, DHW, heating circuits, building controls in general 
  • monitoring of room temperature and humidity 
  • with a SCADA system: temperature, humidity and status recording, remote control.

The units acquire temperature and optionally relative humidity in room, temperature correction (knob) and required operation status which is set by push of the button or in menu. In the configurable menu following values can be set and displayed.