M080 USB / RS485 converter

USB / RS485 converter

Small and handy USB powered converter for service and commissioning. Optically separated, 3x LED (PC link, Rx, Tx).

Inclusive driver and comfortable universal Modbus RTU / TCP client SW. 49 x 34 x 20 mm, USB cable 140 cm.


M080 is a USB to RS485 converter. It is used to link RS485-based devices or networks of those devices to a PC. 

  • addressing and setup of Domat I/O modules, room units and room controllers
  • extension of a PC with another serial port for permanent communication with a RS485 network

After the drivers are installed and the converter is connected to the USB port of the computer, a virtual COM port is created. This port can be used by any PC software to communicate with a RS485 bus in the same way as if the bus devices were connected directly to a native serial port. 

There are drivers for MS Windows (Windows 98 and later), Linux, MacOS, MS Windows CE.NET (version 4.2 and later). 

A very important feature is galvanical separation of the USB port from the RS485 bus. It brings high tolerance to EMC issues even in a harsh industrial environment. 

Three LEDs indicate proper communication with the driver, and transmission and reception of data

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