M035 RS485 / Ethernet converter, Modbus router

RS485 / Ethernet converter, Modbus router

Same as M031, firmware extended by Modbus RTU / TCP routing functionality. Supply 10..35 V DC / 24 V AC. DIN rail mounting, dimensions 90 x 58 x 35 mm


M035 is a RS485 to 10/100 Mbit Ethernet converter,  also called „terminal server“, configurable as Modbus RTU/TCP router.

  • remote Modbus RTU / RS485 devices to SCADA Modbus IP connection via Ethernet network

The M035 module is able to connect a Modbus RTU RS485 device to a PC with Modbus TCP master via an Ethernet network. Maximum RS485 communication speed is 115 200 bps. 

The module parameters and functions are configured over a secured web communication (HTTP / HTTPS protocols). Default IP address is, or use configuration utility which is available at www.rcware.eu, Download, Software, Digi utility. Power presence is indicated by a green LED close to the Ethernet connector. The Ethernet connector provides two LEDs: Link (yellow) and Network activity (green). The network switches automatically between 10 and 100 Mbit/s. 

The Modbus RTU slave at RS485 device connects through 2-wire connector. It is possible to terminate the RS485 bus by setting the two jumpers below to ON.