HT103 User terminal

User terminal

Power supply 24 V AC/DC ±20 %. Panel mounting, IP65, dimensions 171,8 × 116,5 × 39,3 mm

LCD display 4 x 20 characters, for multiple SoftPLC runtimes (IPLC / IPCT / ...), communication over Ethernet.


HT103 is a human-machine interface for monitoring and control of multiple MiniPLC, IPCT.1, IPCB.1 controllers, or other SoftPLC runtimes working on different platforms. It has one Ethernet interface. The HT103 contains firmware for Modbus TCP and Modbus  RTU communication and can be used as an interface for UC... controllers or any devices communicating over Modbus TCP protocol. This device is replacement of HT101.

  • Control panel for free-programmable control units for HVAC systems or other technologies 
  • Terminal for receptions and rough environments – overview and control of remote technologies 

The terminal is controlled by six buttons and LCD display 4×20 characters with backlight. The communication interfaces is Ethernet (web configuration, Modbus TCP or SoftPLC). The RS485 communication is indicated by 2 LEDs located at the back panel together with the Power indication LED. RS485 Bus End is switched on by the DIL switches 1 and 2. For default IP address ( set the SW3 to ON and power the device; at the same time, the menu file is not loaded and the terminal is ready for diagnostics (INIT state). SW4 disables the web interface and FTP access – this may be used for increased network security. 

After menu upload and restart, the display shows menu with tree structure (maximum 32 items in one menu) and the terminal starts to communicate with the process devices. Users move in the menu using buttons – the active line is the second from the top, which is enhanced by the red line on the printed cover.

Objects such as Value setting, Alarm, and Time schedule have predefined functionality, and thus for the configuration it is only necessary to set addresses, assign data points, and complete user texts. 

The menu is uploaded to the terminal Flash memory either through SoftPLC Touchscreen Editor, or over FTP protocol into the file system of the terminal over the Ethernet interface. The default IP address is 

The device is installed using three metal clamps into an aperture in panel door or any suitable box. The aperture dimensions are 153 × 100 mm, with tolerance +2 mm. 

Application examples: see domat – Design and application guide.

* Modbus/TCP instead of SoftPLC protocol as option