MTala010 Alarm panel

Alarm panel

6 LEDs, alarm horn, acknowledge button, Modbus RTU / RS485
Supply 10..35 V DC / 24 V AC. DIN rail mounting, dimensions 90 x 71 x 58 mm


The MTala010 is a microprocessor-controlled, communicative 6 signals alarm module. The module uses a RS485 bus for communication, and can be easily integrated in a variety of supervision and control systems.

  • HVAC and industrial control systems – alarm indication 

The MTala010 module has six LEDs which are controlled from the process station via bus. The communication is the same as for the M300 module: DO 1 to 6 correspond to the LEDs 1 to 6, DO8 disables the buzzer if true. 

Removable connectors are used for incoming and outgoing data line so that mounting is fast and easy. 

The communication circuits are protected against overvoltage. If the module is terminating the communication bus, i.e. it is the last in line, a terminating 120 W resistor may be switched on by short-circuiting of the BUS END piano switch. Two LEDs located inside of the housing enable fast diagnostics – power up and communication. 

All settings are backed up in a EEPROM chip. The module is equipped with a watchdog circuit and the communication part is galvanically separated